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Who The Hell Am I

Hello there! 

I would like to assume your arrival here is no mistake, and you at least have some basic idea of who I might be, but you know what they say about assumptions. So allow me to fill your brain with some lengthy paragraphs about who the hell I am and why the hell i'm here.

Way back in 2015 I took a plunge into the world of streaming, creating a Twitch profile and spending my evenings as a freelance videographer and event planner playing videogames in the only place in my life with stable internet; the workshop I worked in.

Unexpectedly, things took off rather quickly, and I found myself in a position to actually make more than a bit of pocket change from streaming, and after a few months this became my focus. Playing games like Destiny and Overwatch, I found myself thrown into a whole new universe I had only dreamed of being a part of, a universe I had until that point, viewed from afar through my Youtube idols. 

Long story short, despite my absolutely firm beliefs that this newfound venture would end as soon as it had began, it just never seemed to. Years began passing and I was inexplicably still here, being goofy in front of a camera for a very kind audience. 

As the streaming industry grew and began to mature somewhat I had the oportunity to begin working with brands, eventually leading to me working with XBOX UK before taking on a full time role with them as a Stream Co-ordinator, Host and Producer for their XBOX ON social channels. I stayed in this role for around a year and a half before making the return to full time streaming and freelance presenting at the beginning of 2020. 

Since I have continued presenting shows like Dying 2 Know, the Dyling Light 2 pre-hype show filmed in Poland, Forza Monthly, the monthly Forza series showcasing their newest updates and releases, the Fall Guys update showcase and more.

I have extensive experience on set and with teleprompters and I am still heavily invested and involved in the gaming space with regular almost daily livestreams on my Twitch channel.

I've been lucky enough to work with brands like LogitechMarvel, Blizzard, Bungie, VANS, ASOS, Wizard of the Coast, Amazon, Playstation, Xbox, HBO, NARS and more, and have worked countless sponsored opportunities, many of them repeatedly, with games like Destiny, Diablo, Apex Legends, Final Fantasy 14, Dungeons and Dragons, Borderlands and many indie games.

I have presented awards twice for the BAFTA game awards and presented live at the Xbox Showcase at Gamescom.

I have worked alongside Ford with their foray into the esports scene with their team, Fordzilla, and in 2022 I was an ambassador for XL Esports team based in London.

I'm also an avid DnD/TTRPG fan and often appear on full role-play shows on

I play guitar in my spare time and have an ever growing collection, and a growing passion for tattoos and alt fashion.

More recently i've forayed into Voice Acting, an area i'm very passionate and excited about, and am proud to be officially represented by ADVOICE, London's original Voice Over Agency. 

For all other work please contact my agent, Zach Brown at Independent Talent via

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