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The name 'Leahviathan' came as a late rebrand from my original username, 'leahloveschief'.

The original name was made many years ago when Halo was still my number 1 game, and when I used it for my twitch name I didn't consider the idea of my username restricting branding opportunities, with a copyrighted character involved, alongside the fact that i've streamed Halo for perhaps 10 hours total since I began streaming in 2015. I felt I had grown out of the name and needed something new - finding a new name I felt comfortable with however was a big challenge and it took many months of options, of sun-related words and names, trying to find something unique and interesting, with strong branding opportunities, that wasn't already taken on social media sites.

Those who have followed me for a while are aware that squids have heavily featured as a part of my online identity for a good while, with the infamous squid hat being a central feature, I felt it was about time to move my stream focus towards something stronger and centralised, and while looking for squid related names I could manipulate to involve 'leah' my eye was caught by the word 'Leviathan'. I immediately felt it would make a great fit stylised as 'leahviathan'.

The Leviathan is an ancient term used to describe a vast, terrifying sea monster of the deep - sometimes referring to a humongous whale, sometimes a sea serpent, sometimes a squid, sometimes likened to the Kraken. One thing is certain, there's no set definition or image associated with a Leviathan, just a general conception of an ancient creature of the deeps of a terrifying scale. It features heavily in many fantasy and gaming lores - including Halo and Destiny, in many different formats.

The vague nature of the word enticed me, I could create my own sea themed identity around it and it would lead to some strong branding and identity options that i've sorely lacked over the last few years. I decided to adopt the image of a giant ancient mother sea beast, overseeing the other creatures. I sort of like the irony of a small young female using that persona.

So, Leahviathan, Mother of Squids was born

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